Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Good news concerning AUC.

Americans often lovingly refer to the university they attended as their Alma Matter (meaning "nourishing mother"). Although I am a graduate of Andrews University and University of Wales, Lampeter, I consider Atlantic Union College (AUC), which I attended in 1990/91, as my Alma Matter.

AUC is a small liberal arts college with less than 700 students and has unfortunately been struggling financially for many years. In 2001 the New England association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) had actually voted to terminate AUC's accreditation, although this decision was never implemented.

In 2003 Dr. George Babcock was appointed as president of AUC in an attempt to save the college. In his installment speech Babcock expressed his optimism concerning AUC's financial and academic future, but also emphasized that AUC's main purpose was to be a place where students would meet Jesus. I was moved when I read Babcock's words and I wish that all Adventist educational institutions considered facilitating encounters with God as their main purpose.

The good news is that NEASC in November removed AUC's probationary status. The December 22, 2005 issue of Adventist Review had AUC's turnarounds as its cover story, the article can be read here. It is good to hear that goods things are happining at AUC and that the college is living up to its motto: Fiat Lux.


At 12 January, 2006 23:51, Blogger Dave said...

You wouldn't have happened to get an M.Div. at Andrews?

At 13 January, 2006 00:59, Blogger Torsten Pedersen said...

Hi, thanks for reading my new Blog.

No, I haven't done a M.Div at Andrews (although my father did).

I actually attended Newbold College in England, which used to offer only Andrews degrees. Now they offer University of Wales, Lampeter Degrees in Theology. So I have a BA History from Andrews and LTh (Licence in Theology) from Lampeter.

What about you?

At 13 January, 2006 02:48, Blogger Dave said...

B.A. in religious studies from Canadian University College.


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