Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tony Blair and anti-terrorism

The two brothers who were arrested June 2 in an armed raid held a press conference today. Their family home was apparently broken into by armed police at 4 AM and one brother was shoot as he ran down the stairs. The Guardian has this article covering the conference and also a Downing Street press conference in which Tony Blair makes this incredible statement:

"I don't want them [the police] to be under any inhibition at all in going after those people who are engaged in terrorism. We have to, as a country, stand behind them and give them understanding in the very difficult work they do."

Does he really mean that the police shouldn't have any inhibition? Does he really mean the police can shoot, kill, torture and do anything they like?

I don't know if the police made a reasonable response to the information that they had received before this raid. But do I suspect that they overreacted. Is it really reasonable to storm a family home at 4 AM and shooting a man because he was running down the stairs?

Tony Blair apparently thinks so!


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