Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Loving Big Brother.

Maybe I'm wrong after all. Surveillance Cameras (i.e. CCTV) will apparently make us all happier, safer and our streets cleaner!

At least that's the message from Middlesbrough Councilor Barry Carpenter, who in today's Guardian defends Middlesbrough installation of cameras which enables its operators to speak to the people being watched. Carpenter's good news is that Middlesbrough town center now only needs to be swept four times a day instead of six.

Not only is Midleborough cleaner, apparently its citizens are also happier. According to the city's own surveys 95 % of residents felt safer because of the camera's and virtually 100 % supported the new cameras.

This all leaves me shaking my head. While British cities are full of litter, Britain is not a crime infested place where its not safe to live. Surely there's a better way to deal with litter. Yet, the population wants its privacy invaded and wants to be watched by the state, police and private security firms!

Is this how we should expect to live our lives? Is this the good life?


At 19 April, 2007 09:47, Blogger karlund said...

And I saw a couple of days ago on BBC local morning news, that Reading Council has bought the equipment, so soon we'll be enjoying Orwell's vision here!! :-(

BTW check out which is an article about what and how US federal goverment (and other scare mongers) want the Internet to go. Our freedom is in decline everywhere...


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