Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And Now I'm Unemployed.

Here is the frontpage of my Masters dissertation, which was submitted to the law school today.

I'm not completely satisfied with the dissertation. The title is a good example of how I couldn't quite get this one right. Why didn't I simply call it "Freedom of Religion in the Workplace", or "Freedom of Religion in Employment" or "Freedom to Manifest Religious Beliefs in the Workplace"?

What is done is done, however, and I'm certain that the dissertation is good enough to get a passing mark. That is, after all, what really matters. Today I am, therefore, happy and satisfied with having completed my Masters degree. Tomorrow I will be writing job applications.


At 25 September, 2008 09:48, Blogger karlund said...


At 27 September, 2008 12:56, Blogger Charles and Kiersten said...

Awesome!! We will be praying for you as you take your next step.


At 04 October, 2008 23:34, Blogger kenneth birch said...

Congratulations! :)

At 24 October, 2008 20:21, Anonymous Niels Tvesok said...

Tillykke!!! :-)

Hvis du får lyst til at skrive noget andet ind imellem, kan du jo skrive et to siders referat på dansk. Jeg ville i hvert fald gerne læse det.


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