Thursday, November 23, 2006

Simon Jenkins in the Guardian.

I was somewhat skeptical when The Guardian brought in Simon Jenkins as a columnist. Having read some of his writings in The Times, I thought he was to right wing for my Guardian.

I have, however, really enjoyed reading his column over the last year. He has used it to draw attention to some of the most important political issues of today, in particularly the folly of Bush and Blairs 'war on terror'.

In yesterdays column he made, in my opinion, a correct analysis of Blairs exaggeration of the the threat posed by terrorism. I especially liked this point:
The use of the word terrorism to imply some grand military offensive against the west may sound good in White House national security documents and Downing Street speeches. But terrorism is not an enemy or an ideology, let alone a country or an army. It is a weapon, like a gun or a bomb. It is not something that can be defeated, only guarded against.


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