Monday, September 29, 2008

How I Saw The Debate.

Over the weekend I read several comments on the McCain - Obama debate, and everybody seemed to disagreed on what the outcome had been. So I this morning I took time out from doing nothing and watched the debate on you tube.

Since I agree much more with Barack Obama than John McCain, its not surprising that I thought that he came across better in the debate. In my opinion Obama's arguments and answers were superior to McCain's. However, besides policies and arguments this is what I saw and heard:

- One candidate calling the other naive and slow to understand (constantly stating "Senator ... doesn't understand"), and one willing to find common ground (8 times stating that he agreed with the other candidate on a particular point), before setting out difference between himself and the other candidate.

- One candidate arguing from anecdotes about having been here and there, and one arguing from principle.

- One candidate making B-movie statements such as having looked into Putin's eyes and "seeing three letters, K, G and B", to "I'm a maverick" and references to not being "Miss congeniality" (twice), and one sounding like a university professor.

Whether McCain or Obama won the debate in terms of convincing undecided voters, I don't know. For me, however, Obama was head and shoulders above McCain.


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