Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The EU Constitution

I was disappointed when the Convention on the Future of Europe presented the document which would, with minor changes, become the Treaty establishing a Constitutional for Europe. My main disappointment was that the Constitution only reordered, and to some extent simplified, the existing treaties of the European Union and European Community.

However, the Constitution, without changing the Union significantly, did have three changes that are worth reviving and entering into a new treaty. The three changes, which in my opinion would make the EU more democratic, are:

1) Article I-25: 'Double Majority' voting procedures in the Council.
Under the this new definition of 'qualified majority', measures could only pass when supported by 55% of the Council members, consisting of at least 15 members and representing at least 65% of the population of the Union.

2) Article I-35: Joint decision procedure between Parliament and Council as the ordinary legislative procedure.
Although the co-decision procedure is already used for the vast majority of areas of EU law, this provision would increase Parliaments legislative power.

3) Article I-9: Incorporation of the Charter of Fundamental Rights as legally binding.

It is my hope that these three changes will be salvaged from the Constitution as a Treaty amendment. It would be a shame if fear of 'competence creep' from national states to the EU, which is the real reason for opposition to the Constitution, would prevent the EU from becoming more democratic. I can also only hope that European leaders, such as Angela Merkel will focus on these changes, rather than reintroducing suggestions which were previously rejected, such as references to God or Christian values.


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I found this to be highly interesting, especially in lite of the prophecies of Daniel. And, specifically in regards to the image of Daniel 2 as it's feet that were mixed clay and iron. Will the "10 toes" ever get along and agree?

They will try, but will they fail? Time will tell. It's interesting to watch history unfold before our eyes. Thanks for your blog!

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