Sunday, February 25, 2007

Rugby Shirts 2.

Yesterday was a remarkable day in the 6-Nations Rugby tournament. No, I'm not referring to England's 'Historic' loss in Ireland, or the overdue removal of Irish nationalist bigotry in banning 'alien' sports from Croke Park. I referring to Italy's first ever away win.

The 37-17 win over Scotland was deserved for two reasons: 1) they played better than Scotland, and 2) their outfits were far superior than Scotland's.

Scotland used to have the coolest Rugby shirt of all rugby nations: dark blue with white collars. I have two Scotland replica shirts (and not just because why wife is partially Scottish and she thinks I look good in dark blue). However, what they played in yesterday is beyond ugly.

Before someone tries to tell me that changing and ugly uniforms are an integral part of professional sports and that I should just accept it, No, it isen't! In US sports, uniform design is conservative and without advertisements. The New York Yankees uniform, for example, hasen't changed significantly since the 1930's.

Whats up in Rugby? Is it just that Americans have taste and Europeans are slaves of the fashion industry? Rugby (and Football) needs to get its act together!


At 27 February, 2007 22:31, Anonymous Jan said...

Hey, You know my last name is McKenzie...but I'll let the slurs slide along with the poor Scottish pride.

I'm back at Newbold doing the first of my "intensives" in the part-time MA program. I'm doing pastoral theology; systematics or biblical theology wouldn't mix well with my pastoral work at the moment. Others could do it, I'm sure, but I don't have that versitility. Of course, there is also the laziness.

Had a chat with the big man. Nothing personal, just theology.

Have you tried to get him blogging? You know he has a lot to say :)

Hope all is well with you.


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