Tuesday, May 08, 2007

New Alliance

Until I left Denmark in 2004 I was a member of the Social Liberal Party (Det Radikale Venstre). I am more of a social democrat at heart than a social liberal, but the Social Liberals and the socialist parties were the only ones speaking up for civil liberties and against racism.

I left the party because Denmark does not allow its citizens living abroad to vote and it diden't seem to make much sense being a member of a party I couldn't be active in.

Yesterday two prominent Social Liberals, Naser Khader and Anders Sammulsen, and one Conservative politician, Gitte Seeberg, broke away from their parties and formed a new party the New Alliance. The new party seems to be more about gaining political influence than ideology, although it could be an attempt to form a new Conservative Party without the xenophobia.

All I know is that once again the left and centre-left has split and weakened itself. Look out for more right wing domination of Danish politics.


At 08 May, 2007 16:59, Anonymous Andreas Müller said...

Vi kan vel også være så heldige, at de kommer til at støtte en SR-regering efter næste valg?

At 09 May, 2007 13:16, Blogger Torsten Pedersen said...

Vi kan altid håbe...


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