Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hampshire Cricket

I went to see the semifinal of the domestic one-day cricket cup competition between Hampshire and Warwarkshire yesterday.

I'm not a great connoisseur of cricket, although I have attended and played cricket matches since first moving to England in 1993. I don't actually like the one-day game very much, to me its 'just not cricket"! To limit the amount of overs bowled alters the objective and nature of the game from the full four or five day game.

Yesterday's game was, however, good fun and a pleasant and relaxing way of spending a day (a cricket game starts at 11 AM and continues to 6-7 PM). Got sunburnt in spite it being a cloudy day and wearing a cap.

It was exiting to watch the great Shane Warne bowl and see how he, as captain, was constantly changing the fielding positions. I'm not that strong on fielding positions (I don't know a 'square leg' from a 'gully') but it was fascinating anyway.

As the respective innings progressed and the white ball got dirtier I had trouble seeing it and missed the only hit for 6 runs (Unfortunately it was heading in my direction and landed 2 seats in front of me)!

Also playing was Kevin Pietersen, England's perhaps best cricketer at the moment (in spite of being born and raise in South Africa).

Hampshire won and will now play Durham in the final.


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