Thursday, June 07, 2007

Nothing more to do!

Yesterday I had my last exam. The subject was EU Law which I've enjoyed studying and I thought the exam went well. I now have to wait 2 weeks for the results.

I've promised myself not to think too much about the future before I get the results. The thing is I don't have any future plans, which is shocking to most people I talk to. If I'm honest and answer their questions of what I'm going to be doing now with "I don't know", an embarrassing silence emerges.

To not have an occupation (or plans for one) is, in essence, not to exist. In Western societies, perhaps in all societies, we define ourselves by what we do and to a lesser extent with what we own. I don't own much and I don't have a career or calling. So who am I?


At 08 June, 2007 10:01, Blogger karlund said...

First of - congrats with finishing!!

Secondly - you are not that different - I didn't have plans when I finished my exams, it took me some time to find my job, and I didn't know what exactly I wanted to do either...

Easy to say now, I know, but I was quite scared at the time! People kept saying that God would provide, hated that cuz seemingly he didn't - what did I know...

The silence of people is another symptom, simply put, they don't know what to say...

At 11 June, 2007 22:39, Anonymous Niels Tvesok said...

I handed in my final paper (specialet) 1/6-'07 and am also waiting for the result.

I too have no job and no plans.

Furthermore I have a wife, who has no job and no plans.

Let's all join the same club shall we?

At 13 June, 2007 10:30, Blogger Torsten Pedersen said...

Niels, thanks for your comment, reminded me not to take myself so seriously!

Congrats on handing in your dissertation!


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