Sunday, June 03, 2007

Here we go again...

Another month, another Prime Minister, another tough anti-terror measure: The Guardian: Brown sets out plan for tough new terror laws!

When will it ever end?

Its not that I'm against all of the proposals laid out by Gordon Brown, I can for example readily accept the admissibility of phone-tap evidence in court. But why does the Labour leadership think that it will be more popular if it keeps talking tough and acting like conservatives? Is there really a hunger and outcry from the British population for less civil liberties and more police powers?

I can't be the only person longing for a political leader willing formulate an ideology intended to create better a better society and a better life, and not just intended to be tomorrows headline and tomorrows police state.

Yes, the world has changed but here's some news: the world has been always been changing. Change is the only constant! However, new problems and new threats should not change values, such as the right to habeas corpus, previously considered to be absolute and universal. Neither is freedom and democracy defended by authoritarian laws and increased police power.


At 03 June, 2007 17:00, Blogger Andrew said...

you should look out for this film...

At 05 June, 2007 09:44, Blogger Torsten Pedersen said...

Thanks for the link, I'll definitely have to see 'Taking Liberties'.

The loss of civil liberties has goes much further back than Tony Blair, including anti-terrorist laws of the 1970's, the increase in police powers under Thatcher, the banning of free speech for Sin Fein, the 1993 Criminal Justice Act and more.

Blair, after making an otherwise promising start with the Human Rights Act 1998, has made it an art-form of introducing every more authoritarian crime laws and tougher anti-terrorist laws.


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