Friday, January 16, 2009

The Atheist/Agnostic Bus.

It is easy to portray Christians as fanatical and intolerant, for there are always some who must play the martyr and react to provocation. For christian bus driver Ron Heather, the much hyped 'atheist bus' campaign was so much of a shock and horror that he refused to perform his contractual duties and drive a bus with an atheist advertisement. Mr. Heather is, in my opinion, letting the side down and providing evidence to those who claim that Christianity is intolerant of other beliefs and opinions.

For his part, Mr. Heather probably feels that the 'atheist bus' is just another example of religion being under attack in Britain. This is a sentiment often expressed by Christians. The 'atheist bus' campaign should, however, be seen as a reaction by atheists who feel that they are under attack from Christianity and that society is, at large, against them. The atheist bus campaign was, after all, provoked by a bus advertising the christian faith and a website promising eternal torment in hell for those who don't believe. Christians and atheists have, therefore, much in common and should realise that neither probably have the truth about the position of religion in society.

While I personally dislike the fact that public buses are privately run and plastered in advertising, atheist or not, couldn't we, as Christians, stop being constantly offended and intolerant of others expressing their beliefs and lifestyles? We are part of a fallen world and much, including many of our own actions, will not be to our liking. If we are to take offense, lets take offense at something really bad. Something the bible often speaks out against, such as hatred against our fellow human beings, ill treament of the weak in society, or the love of money.


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