Saturday, April 09, 2011

Comment on Mr. Manky's blog

Today I wrote a comment on this blog by "Mr. Manky" . The comment has not been published as it must be moderated first. I have, therefore, rewritten it below:

Mr Manky, while much of your criticism of Denmark and Danish authorities is valid, your comment on Daniel Hornstrup's (DH) case contains three significant errors.

First, the Danish authorities did not annul DH's citizenship, as you cannot annul something that has never existed, or has never been granted. The only thing that was annulled was the erroneously issued passport, which is not equal to citizenship.

Secondly, the granting of an independent residence permit for DH is a mere formality. There are no requirements, other than the formality of applying prior to the age of 18, for residence permits to individuals who have previously resided as minors in Denmark, and who still fulfill the requirements for their previous permit.

Thirdly, the Danish authorities have not taken steps to deport DH. The Immigration Service merely informed DH that failure to apply for an independent residence permit, could result in a deportation order.

What should, therefore, be criticised is not the Danish authorities handling of the case after the passport error was identified, but Danish citizenship law, which does not automatically grant citizenship to children born in Denmark, as well as the points based criteria for granting permanent residency introduced by the government in 2010. It is these mischievous sets of rules, that prevents DH from acquiring permanent residency and Danish citizenship.

N.B. Non-Danish readers should be aware of the misleading translation of "kvajet sig" to "screwed themeselves", in the Google Translate version of the article in Infomration. "Kvajet sig" has somewhat same meaning as "messed up".


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