Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Democratic Yankees 3.

The New York Yankees are (again) the World Series.

I have previously written about the uncanny ability of the New York Yankees to win the World Series under Democratic Presidents, and now the Yankees are again in the World Series and a Democrat is in the White House...

Although the city of Philadelphia has a special place in my heart, as I was treated very well by the Philadelphians the 2 weeks I spent at the naval base there, I will be rooting for the Yankees and not their opponents the Philladelphia Phillies. First, because I usually root for the American League champion in the World Series, and secondly, because there is just something right about Yankees as the champions of the baseball world.

When I became a baseball fan in the 1970's, the Yankees were the best, with players such as Ron Guidry, Catfish Hunter, Thurman Munson and Reggie Jackson. When I grew older and discovered the history of baseball, the Yankees grew in my apprecaition. From Babe Ruth, to Lou Gherig, to Joe DiMaggio, to Micky Mantle and onwards, this baseball club has been 'The Club' in baseball and you do not need to be Yankees fan to appreciate the institution that is the New York Yankees.

Finally, I also hope the Yankees win because it is also good to be reminded that a Democrat is president.


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