Monday, January 23, 2006

Steelers in the Super Bowl

In his song "Der er noget i luften" Danish song writer Wilhelm Gregersen tells of how the feeling of Christmas reminds him of past Christmas' at home with his mother. Many people will similarly tell you that certain things, such as new cut grass, homemade marmalade or going fishing, will bring back memories of childhood.

The nostalgic remembrance of childhood is how I feel today. The Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday qualified to play in this years Super Bowl, just as they did every year (or so it seemed) when I was a child! My liking of the Steelers came from my best friend Donny, with whom I spent most of the day playing some sort of sport.

I don't yet know how or where I'm going to watch the game. Win or loose, it probably won't be the same as when I was a child. The Steelers aren't playing the Dallas Cowboys and I don't have Donny to throw footballs to (while pretending to be Ben Roethlisberger)!


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