Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Newsweek Subscription

That's it, today I've cancelled my subscription to Newsweek.

I only took up the offer of subscription because they were practically giving it away to students, but its getting to the point I just can't wait to my subscription to run out.

In the end I just got tired of all the newsstories that all seem to fit under the following heads:

- Iraq, Iraq and Iraq.
- John Doe is running for President.
- Americans are noble, entrepreneurial and rich.
- Continental Europeans are corrupt, lazy and poor.
- Stock markets are good, taxes are bad.

From now on I'll stick to International Socialist Review! ;-)


At 07 March, 2007 20:08, Blogger Charles said...

Torsten, I think that you are noble. And I love European architecture. The stock market is good, and YES YES YES - taxes are bad! Oh, and I am poor, sometimes lazy, but definitely not corrupt! Lastly, I think that you should subscribe to the Limbaugh Letter! OK OK. I was just joking. Don't hit me ;-) ;-)

At 08 March, 2007 15:23, Anonymous Kiersten said...


You'll be happy to know that for the moment I've turned off Fox News, except for Neil Cavuto in the afternoon. All we have heard about for the last few weeks is

-Anna Nicole
-Anna Nicole
-Anna Nicole
-John Doe is running for President
-Anna Nicole
-Anna Nicole
-Is Hillary mad at Obama?
-Is Obama mad at Hillary?
-And you guessed it...... more Anna Nicole

Now, while I think that they are finally getting over it I'm need a break from it all.


At 10 March, 2007 13:01, Blogger Torsten Pedersen said...

Charles, the Limbaugh letter is at least open about its biases...

Kiersten, I know what you mean about Anna Nicole Smith. I'd never heard of her before she died. Now I feel I've known her all my life. Except, I still don't know what she's was became famous for in life.

At 10 March, 2007 14:18, Anonymous Kiersten said...


About Anna Nicole, I think this is a question that we are all still asking ourselves.

At 14 March, 2007 07:01, Anonymous Andrew said...

You could always try "Red Peper"... for the "radical red/green left"...


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