Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My Graduation

Got the results of my final law exams a couple of weeks ago. Somehow I've managed to pass all of them!

It's very satisfying (to say nothing of the relief) to have completed the course. Deciding to study law is one of the worst mistakes of my life (up there with joining the Navy and quiting my job in the Tax administration).

My graduation (which I will not be attending) is on July 25.

For now I'm enjoying the satisfaction of completing the degree and trying not be overwhelmed with the harsh reality of unemployment and job applications.


At 17 July, 2007 14:19, Anonymous Kenneth Birch said...

Well congratulations to you, too, then :)

At 17 July, 2007 16:03, Anonymous Niels Tvesok said...

Yes. Tillykke. Jeg slap også igennem nåleøjet. :-)

At 17 July, 2007 19:10, Blogger Lasse Bech said...

I det mindste er det overstået! Tillykke med præstationen.

At 17 July, 2007 23:00, Blogger Jonas Raabjerg said...

Tillykke! :-)


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