Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Reading List

When it comes to books my desire to own and read them completely outstrips my ability to set time of to actually read them.

This is a collection of just a few of the books that I have bought (or been given) in the last few months that remain unread.

Considering that I'm now unemployed I should have some time to catch up with my reading list.

Here's the problem, which one should I read first? Suggestions are more than welcome!


At 18 July, 2007 15:01, Anonymous Charles said...

God's politics looks interesting to me. (Go figure...LOL)

Congrats on graduation, by the way!

At 23 July, 2007 12:03, Blogger Lasse Bech said...

Seems like three of the books are om Dawkins. So the first choice might be if you want to go into that polemic at the moment.

If I had the energy and time I would go for the classic russian novel on top of your stack.

At 24 July, 2007 12:12, Blogger Torsten Pedersen said...

You've hit a sore spot Charles. I'm hesitent to pick up Wallis' book because I'm afraid he'll challenge my belief in the secular state! I'll get back to you wen I find some courage ;-).

Lasse, Becky gave me two book by Alister McGrath (a PhD in Molecular Biology turned Theology Professor) discussing Dawkins. I've always liked Dawkins, even-though he's been the primary apologist for Darwinism for many years. He's argumentation and popular explanations of science are usually brilliant. I thought I should actually read his "The God Delusion" before I go further into criticism of his arguments.

I've read the "Grand Inquisitor" chapter of "The Brothers Karazamov" so many times I really do need to read the whole book. But as you state "energy and time" is what is needed to get through its 1045 pages!

At 24 July, 2007 16:06, Anonymous Charles said...

Hey Torsten - I have wanted to read that book too, but have suffered similar fears. After reading a several synopsis from Amazon and various sites across the web, I find my Republican collar getting a little tight. I think he challenges Republicans in the same regard as my most recent political musings on A Common Citizen.

I have recently begun to wonder at my fellow Republican/Conservative ideologues, specifically in regards to areas that seem to be addressed in the book God's Politics. I may have to pick up a copy for myself...

Cheers from across the pond!


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