Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Fukuyama article.

Maybe I've judged Francis Fukuyama (author of The End of History and the New Man) without really understanding what he is really is saying.

There is very good comment by Fukuyama on the consequences of instability in Iraq to international relations in today's Guardian. Fukuyama warns against the what he calls "European indulgence in feelgood anti-Americanism" and "bipartisan rise in US nationalism and populism."

Although he uses the label "anti-Americanism" he does so much more intelligent way than most American commentators. He seems to recognize that such feelings arise from a fear of American unilateralism and its use of force.

Fukuyama also states that "By invading Iraq, the Bush administration allowed what should have been characterized as a fight with a narrow extremist ideology to escalate into something the Islamists could claim was a clash of civilisations."

The consequences of this "clash of civilisations" paradigm will, according to Fukuyama, be felt strongest in Europe, which was the breeding ground for both the September 11 leaders and July 7 bombers.

The full comment can be read here.


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