Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The sky really is falling!

Here's another reason to be discouraged about the future for representative democracy and liberty: the UK governments "Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill."

I am way to tired and depressed to write about it, but check this article from The Times on Tuesday.

The most depressing thing about this Bill is that the newspapers are hardly mentioning it (The Guardian did have an editorial about it on Monday). I really only became acquainted with it at a lecture at my University by a Government Lawyer.

I guess this type of Bill doesn't get very much media attention because it deals with relative boring legislative procedures and does not contain proposals, such as the introduction of ID cards, that will directly affect our lives.


At 03 March, 2006 21:07, Blogger Jan McKenzie said...

I have blogged this article in an attempt to pass on your concern, which we should all share.

By the way, are you related to Gunnar? I think I see a family resemblance?


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