Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Simon Jenkins on Scottish independence.

Another well written column by Simon Jenkins, this time about the Scottish question.

One point only, what good does Gordon Brown think he is doing by highlighting the question of Scotland's position in the Union, when this is one of David Cameron's pet issues?"


At 29 November, 2006 16:59, Anonymous Andrew said...

I agree Jenkins' piece is rather good... However I'm still trying to discover where the nationalist resurgence is coming from. At both the last Holyrood and westminster elections the SNP lost their share of the vote (and did the usual- dumped their leader!). Even accounting for Salmond's popularity, its not clear (at least here on the ground in scotland) if the upsurge is a genuine interest in nationalism or just being fed up with labour (scottish and british). Next years elections should be interesting

At 29 November, 2006 17:11, Blogger Torsten Pedersen said...

I haden't heard about increased support of scottish independence until Brown spoke out against it. My impression was that the devolution acts had undermined the SNP's campaign for complete independence.

Andrew, I know you live in scotland, but can a Harlequins supporter truely be scottish? ;-)

At 29 November, 2006 17:52, Anonymous Andrew said...

true... I'm only an adopted scot! Although I did cheer them on against france at murryfield last year!

And yes I think you're right about the nationalist vote- independence might be polling higher (for the first time since it went down after devolution) but the only reason labour are gunning for them is the fact that the tories are a joke here, libdems are coalition partners, the socalists have self imploded over Tommy "swinger" sheriden (oh dear maybe that's libel!), and the SNP are the only "real" opposition party. But I think labour's approach may backfire as it actually adds impetus to the nationalist movement by pretending its a viable party!


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