Tuesday, August 14, 2007


So I've joined Facebook.

This last week I've been hearing constantly about it and realized that I had to be on it if I wanted maintain any friends.

I have 2 friends, for now, on Facebook (including my wife), but I'm not sure what the correct Facebook etiquette is. When you find someone you would like to have as a Facebook friend do you e-mail them, 'Poke' them or simply press 'Add to Friends" (hoping they won't reject you)?

So if I 'poke' or 'add' you in the near future, it just means I'm trying to make friends!


At 14 August, 2007 13:54, Blogger karlund said...

You add them as friends. They will accept you if the truly are your friends ;-)

At 14 August, 2007 13:59, Blogger karlund said...

Wow - just realized I had been gone away from your blog for a long time.... That's what moving house does to you :-(

Well, I hope that you'll enjoy the masters!!

At 16 August, 2007 13:00, Anonymous carole said...

Go ahead and take the plunge. Send an invitation to be friends. I have found that even if I only know you a little they still accept. I have been surprised at the people I found who I knew a decade or more ago. There are lots of groups on there who you will bump into people you know or knew.


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