Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The NHS - the envy of the world!

Being a Socialist* I've always supported the idea of free public health care. I don't know, however, if I believe in it so strongly anymore, after experiencing the frustration of having to wait 6-8 months (from initial doctor's appointment) to have a relative simple test (EMG) done.

Britain is not the only place with long waiting lists, but this wait is destroying me. I am slowly loosing my will and desire to live (which, on the positive side, has aliviated my fear of having a serious illness).

Anyway, The Guardian today reported that in spite of general dissatisfaction with the NHS, 55 % of Britons still consider the NHS to be the "envy of the world". Although, I am grateful that I can get some kind of free treatment, since I can't afford private insurance, I still find it a little rich to call it the envy of the world.

* Long story, explained here in Danish.


At 26 October, 2006 05:38, Blogger Marcel said...

We have our own frustrations here with our strict managed care system (HMO) that limits our mobility to see who we want to see, and some companies won't even cover 100% insurance for their EE's - it's too darn expensive. But your problem is one I would never want to have. Although our system can schedule an MRI three months in advance, if it's life threatening, they can bump you up the list. Hang in there, don't lose hope!

At 26 October, 2006 21:32, Blogger Torsten Pedersen said...

Thanks Marcel,

I wrote the above post in somewhat of negative and frustrated mood. (always a bad thing to do!).

The problem in the UK is that some treatments have very look wating list and others don't. Waiting time for MRI scan in my region is 2-6 weeks, while the EMG is 4-6 months...

I guess no medical system is perfect...


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